Non-contact Body Temperature Unit: SHD8300E-ACT|DES

 Publish Date :2020/05/18
# COVID-19

# Contactless Applications

SHD8300E-ACT non-contact body temperature unit(simplified version) can set up at home, or deploy in kindergarten, elementary school wherever require daily body temperature management fields; in company, smart factory or banks can reroute the employees on duty and visitors to avoid cluster spreading risk.
Our product can pair with APP(remote) or standalone. And auto open entrance gate(Relay access control) if detect body temperature within normal range. If body temperature exceeds high parameter(pre-set), will launch alert siren immediately! OLED panel can show body temperature detected, and go into power-saving idle mode if no one is using.

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  • Company Name : DES INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
  • Product Category : 5G Communication & Networking