Portable UV-C Sterilizer UV1- ATrack

 Publish Date :2020/06/25
# COVID-19

# Anti-Bacterial/Sterilizable materials

UVengers was established in 2020 by ATrack Technology Inc., a world-renowned telematics technology company, as a new business brand aiming to provide a safer and healthier environment with sterilization technology that harnesses the power of UV-C deep ultraviolet light.

The first sterilization product - Portable UV-C Sterilizer UV1, features high optical power UV-C LEDs imported from Japan that can rapidly sterilize everyday items, minimize threat of infections, and reduce germ related illnesses. A triple-safety design feature provides user protection and security while wielding the power of the sun. 

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  • Company : ATrack Technology Inc.
  • Product Category : Smart Transportation