Protech innovative self-service kiosk: KF-7270

 Publish Date :2020/07/01
# COVID-19

# Contactless Applications

KF-7270 is Protech innovative self-service kiosk with ergonomic three-dimensional layering design. The main 17” touch screen is designed with backward tilt for operation convenience. The Attached anti-slip sheet in base provides high stability. KF-7270 also supports diverse equipments, including barcode scanner, MSR, IC card reader, RFID, and Easy-card reader…etc, which enables the integration with public medical systems and resources to provide related information and services, such as e-mask system in Taiwan.

Within complete self-service functions, KF-7270 reduces the direct contact opportunities between staffs and consumers and further decrease chances of virus spreading during this challenging time.

If you are interested, you can go to Here to check out more details.


  • Company : Protech Systems Co.,Ltd
  • Product Category : Smart Retail & Business Solutions