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 Company Name Gigafast E Ltd.
 Booth No. Online Exhibitor
 Telephone No. 886-2-26962852
 Fax No. 886-2-26962850

At GigaFast, we have been dedicating all our efforts to develop and manufacture a complete line of top-quality products since 1997. Our strengths in R&D, manufacturing, and customer service have made GigaFast into a top tier OEM and ODM partner.
Founded in 1997 as a networking product manufacturing company, GigaFast provided innovative SOHO networking solutions enabling users to easily share Internet access, peripherals, and digital contents among multiple PCs and Internet-enabled devices.
Our engineering and customer service expertise in networking manufacturing helped tremendously when the company shifted its focus onto power line Communication in 2001. We believe it is about time consumers get spoiled with a technology as easy as plug and play, and eliminate the hassle of pulling wires. Compared to wireless networking, power line communication is much more secure and covers more distance.


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