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 Company Name Bplus Technology Co Ltd.
 Booth No. Online Exhibitor
 Telephone No. 886-2-87974259
 Fax No. 886-2-87974260

As a New manufacturer of quality computer connectivity products since 2009, Bplus Technology brings to market a broad range of upgrade products. These products bridge the connection between Desktop/Notebook systems and external peripherals.

Bplus Technology brings to market over 30 product types that fall into 6 product categories:

■Legacy I/O (serial and parallel ports)
■USB Adapters and Hubs
■Cardbus/PCMCIA Adapters
■PCI-Express Adapter
■Flash Memory Card Extender
■Notebook Accessories

Bplus Technology products have a strong reputation for quality. This reputation is achieved by strict control of manufacturing, ownership of the quality control process, and by selecting only the finest components. The manufacturing process is then carefully supervised to assure the highest level of reliability and functionality. This level of quality, combined with Bplus's comprehensive user's manuals, and unique user-friendly designs all lead to one of the lowest defective return rates in the industry.

One of the widest selections of connectivity products available from single manufacturer.
True manufacturer, using only quality components, the latest in manufacturing technology, & a high-level of quality control procedures.
Experience supporting OEM, distribution, corporate, & consumer sales channels
Strict revision control & inventory management procedures in place to support long-term projects. Comprehensive lifetime warranty on most products.


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