5G Communication & Networking

General Info
 Company Name CN-J Technolgoy Co.,Ltd
 Booth No. Online Exhibitor
 Telephone No. 886-3-5630125
 Fax No. 886-3-5630628
 Email tanya@cnjt.com.tw
 Website www.cnjt.com.tw

Fiber optic and solar tracker of non electronic solar tracker are CN-JT major products.CN-JT is a manufacture for mold and molding and module assembly in Taiwan For a long time The CN-JT cooperate with Japanese company to develop the products and quality of the demand of Japan of manufacture together. The natural company incorporates the culture of making in Japan. It is a layer of guarantee to the customer to extremely pay attention to the quality and security.

There are three business division in the CN-JT
1.Fiber optic industry It is like to Adapter, Distribution panel
2.Solar module and Solar tracking system.
3.Adapter of Flash memory card. And SD card

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): Plastic Mold and Molding 、 stamping Mold and Stamping Production , Assembly, Test.


Main Products Optical Fiber

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