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 Company Name AbonMax Co., LTD
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AbonMax specializes in the production of double-sided and multi-layer circuit boards. It has more than 30 years of market service experience through the professional design and supply of circuit boards in circuit boards.
Control the various processes through perfect management to make the board quality better and reduce the defect rate. Due to the rapid growth of market and client demand, AbonMax aims to provide more and comprehensive services. Therefore, the main product service areas include substrate press (FR4, FR5, aluminum, substrate) board fabrication and board assembly.
In 2009, we established photovoltaic glass processing. Through perfect management and excellent technology, the main products are TN, STN, CS, 2nd CS, and glass for touch panel. The products are diversified to meet customer needs.


Main Products Touch Screen Monitor & Panel

Other Products -- ITO Glass&Film Touch Screen Monitor & Panel Solid State Drive (SSD) USB Flash Drive Memory Card