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PHiStek S101 Contactless AI Access Control System

 Publish Date :2022/05/26
Photo: Phistek S101

The S101 serves the various functions of intelligent access control system, demonstrating the key role of the S101 in epidemic prevention for the post-pandemic era. S101 is also a 10.1inch touch screen, deep learning accelerated access control system, featured with high accuracy facial recognition, body temperature sensing, face mask detection and multi-path reader in a compact and sleek design chassis.
S101 is based on the edge computing and AIoT technology and it’s a kiosk with deep learning that allows detection of various situations. The recommended application fields of S101 includes medical institutions, commercial buildings, postpartum nursing homes, schools, fitness center, shopping malls etc.
New function of S101: EU Digital Covid Certificate identification (According to the EU's digital certification standard & compliance with EU GDPR.)

Download1:S101 eDM

Company Name: Phistek Inc.