ASVDA Online Pavilion Officially Launched to Facilitate Multifaceted Enterprise Digital Transformation Procurement Service

 Publish Date :2022/09/06

A report by Gartner stated that despite the recent economic and diplomatic factors; worldwide IT spending is projected to reach USD 4.5 trillion in 2022, a 3% increase from 2021. As one of the organizers of Asia’s leading ICT tradeshows: COMPUTEX; Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that as one of the key players in the global digital transformation, Taiwan’s ICT industry aims to facilitate the procurement of smart solutions for buyers both domestic and international.

The Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) specially set up the Asia Silicon Valley-Major League IoT Smart Solution Online Pavilion on the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform. The pavilion will include the Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA), Advantech, Acer ITS, GeStream Technology, TOPPAN IDGATE, LIGHTSPEED International, GoodLinker, Flowring Technology, Turing Chain, HowiseAI, Enlight Technology, Lockists, Advanced ACE Biotek, Mindtronic AI, REYAX Technology, Brocere Electronics, Decentralized Biotechnology Intelligence, Kiwi Technology, YOUNG RAY, and GENEJET BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY.

Currently, 20 Taiwanese ICT companies will join the pavilion to offer smart solutions such as precision movement, wellness technology, digital health sports tech, precision medicine, smart medical care, smart parking, AIoT smart robots, facial recognition, mmWave 5G gateway, enterprise cloud monitoring room, smart manufacturing IIoT platform, blockchain training certification, smart vending machine voice assistants, adaptive MES/MOM platforms, smart scooter sharing system, fleet management system, LoRa communication modules, IoT sensors, smart motion sensing shoes, smart temperature management solutions, AIoT based smart cooking oil recycling system, smart delivery room, and more hardware & software products and solutions.

The online pavilion aims to provide a one-stop smart solution development and procurement services for domestic and international enterprises; as well as assisting Taiwanese IoT manufacturers expand their digital transformation business opportunities globally. The Asia Silicon Valley-Major League IoT Smart Solution Online Pavilion can be found in the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform now and buyers interested in Taiwanese smart solutions are invited to visit the online pavilion.

Cloud Computing Spending to Lead Global IT Spending Growth

Gartner’s report stated that “price increases and delivery uncertainty, exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have accelerated the transition in purchasing preference among CIOs, and enterprises in general, from ownership to service”. At the same time, global CIOs will maintain their IT spending to maintain, if not improve their organizations’ competitive advantage. In 2022, the global IT spending is expected to reach USD 4.5 trillion, a 3% increase over 2021.

The spending growth will not be equal across the board as cloud spending will grow by 22.1% in 2022, higher than the 18.4% rate in 2021. As hyperscalers build out their data centers, the spending on servers is expected to grow by 16.6% in 2022. Overall, spending on data center systems is expected to reach 11.1%. Cloud consulting & implementation and cloud managed services are expected to grow 17.2% in 2022; increasing from USD 217 billion to USD 255 billion. In total, the IT services segment grows by 6.2% in 2022.

Smart Solution Online Pavilion to Showcase Various Smart Solutions

ASVDA stated that the three main industries of the Smart Pavilion Online Platform in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD are: smart medicine, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing. The smart medicine exhibitors will include Advantech, Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA), Advanced ACE Biotek, GeStream Technology, Decentralized Biotechnology Intelligence, GENEJET BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, and more.

The exhibitors will showcase solutions such as intelligent hospital solutions (including intelligent ward, outpatient, control center, and more), PAX series medical grade monitors, smart fabric & materials, motion detecting smart clothing, high-tech rehabilitation aids, AI Rapid Temperature Screening System with real-time infrared and visible temperature detection, AI healthcare robot, smart dynamic sensing shoes, smart delivery room, and more. These solutions aim to improve the efficiency of hospital operations, provide telehealth services, and reduce the burden on medical staff.

Exhibitors in the smart transportation category will include Acer ITS, Advantech, Lockists, Mindtronic AI, and more. The exhibitors will showcase solutions such as smart parking meter & parking validator system, fleet safety solutions, smart scooter sharing systems, fleet management system, and more. The solutions are expected to allow governments to effectively manage urban parking problems, facilitate vehicle sharing to reduce the need for more new vehicles or parking spaces, as well as improve the efficiency of commercial fleet management and driving systems.

The smart manufacturing category will include Flowring Technology, Enlight Technology, Brocere electronics, REYAX TECHNOLOGY, and more. They will exhibit solutions such as the iMES industrial IoT platform, self-adaptive MES/MOM platforms, the Blockcraft IoT sensor, the REYAX LoRa communication modules, and more. These solutions will strengthen production line management through IIoT platforms and custom sensor enabled production equipment which will enhance the management capacity of smart manufacturing.

ASVDA stated that digital transformation through AI and IoT is an important step for enterprises to enhance their strategic competitiveness. As the related expenditure is limited by the fluctuation of the political and economic factors and the exhibited solutions are long term investments, this trend will provide Taiwanese manufacturers of the corresponding industries with a long term and stable revenue stream. At the same time, as the technologies will leverage on Taiwan’s strengths in high-tech, hardware, and manufacturing; smart manufacturing solutions might be the best way for Taiwanese companies to enter the international markets.