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MiAIOT Law Enforcement Solution

MiAIOT is a cloud platform that can standardize various IoT data formats, enabling management of any IoT devices, and providing a library of intuitive AI analysis tools. MiTIoT Law Enforcement Solution allows law enforcement agencies to leverage MiAIoT’s build-in tools, combining with its AI edge computing main frame to provide real-time images analytics, assessment of any illegal behaviors, and event recording, plus at the same time generating virtual wall-room information (such as hot spots, event log and statistics etc.), and AI recommendation on course of actions. MiAIoT can greatly enhance both law enforcement execution and management efficiency. Other potential application scenarios would include such as illegal waste dumping, communities and street market management. MiAIoT platform has a built-in deep learning system that not only executes real-time AI analytics, but also harnesses new data from new events at the same time to continuously improve its accuracy.
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