General Info
 Company Name SunComm Technology Co., Ltd
 Booth No. Online Exhibitor
 Telephone No. 886-2-32341496
 Fax No. 886-2-32341393

SUNCOMM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was founded in 2001.
We have provided effective service and technical support to overseas customers in Taiwan and China.
Our mission is to provide partners with the highest quality, effective service and cost-saving products in order to
establish reliable and productive long-term cooperation.

We provide Wired and Wireless communication, Network equipment, including:
1. 4G / 3G Fixed Wireless Terminal / Fixed Celluar Terminal.
2. 4G/3G Fixed wireless phone/ Fixed Celluar Phone
3. 4G LTE indoor WiFi AP Router,
4. Wireless IP Phone,
5. Wireless gateway, WiFi ATA
6. 4G LTE / 3G WCDMA VoIP terminal, Which are designed for Enterprise Call Center/ Service Centers use

In the future, SUNCOMM will continuously create values for our partners and customers through our technology innovation
and services, and keep continuing growing and striving to achieve a goal of developing easy-to-use networking products that make people worldwide live better and easier.