GloRa Online Pavilion

Acer Inc. founder Stan Shih join hands to establish Taiwan Glora Alliance to spark innovation and embrace new opportunities in the IoT industry, and gain an advantage in the market of the IoT wireless communication technologies.
GloRa is the best narrow-band wireless communication technology in the field of IoT transferred from NCSIST to private sectors. This technology can be applied in smart transportation, smart cities , smart agriculture, locating emergency rescue personnel, and will be launched in international markets in the future.
Founding Principles of GloRa
 Facilitate the overall connection between IoT and communication network.
 Achieve upstream to downstream supply chain integration and build a Wangdao industrial ecology of GloRa.
 Create a platform for government-industry-university-institute alliance, and everyone can collaborate via this platform as the “Taiwanese AIoT national team” to grab the opportunity in the global AIoT era.

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