Technology Unboxing@COMPUTEX 2022 May 24-27

More than 20 leading companies from Taiwan ICT industry to launch their latest products on COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD on May 24-27, stay tuned on this channel!


Technology Unboxing - ATEN

MicLIVE™ is the industry’s first AI-optimized audio mixer that integrates a USB audio interface, voice effects processor, and sound effects pads. It adopts acoustic enhancement with its AI Smart-EQ to solve common recording issues and optimize the voice recording experience to simplify podcast production.
Key features of MicLIVE:
• All-in-one design to simplify podcast audio mixing and workflow
•Offers up to 6-channel audio inputs, DSP and AD / DA converter
•Audio resolution up to 24-bit /96 kHz to USB-C-enabled computer
•Enhances microphone audio quality with AI optimized acoustic models
•Jingle pads save up to 8 sound effects that can be customized from any audio source
•Contains 24 Voice FX programs, 6 adjustments in pitch, reverb, male and female mode
•The auto-ducking lowers background music anytime one speaks
•Supports professional XLR combo microphones, musical instruments, USB audio sources, and phone-in