InnoVEX Center Stage - May 24


2022/05/24 10:30-17:30




TaiNEX 1, 4F, Area L

The InnoVEX Forum is one of the most popular events during InnoVEX, attracting thousands of professionals to participate at the Center Stage every year, attracting thousands of views through online streaming. The InnoVEX Forum invites more than 40 representatives from global startup ecosystem, including domestic and overseas investors, entrepreneur leaders, and the technology industry experts to share and discuss the latest technology topics and innovation trends.

InnoVEX Forum - 5/24 Day 1

【10:30-12:00 Ride to the Future: Canada-Taiwan EV Summit】

Canada is one of the many countries committed to transitioning from internal combustion engines to electric-powered, zero-emission vehicles by 2035. Today we invite two Canadian speakers from BlackBerry and GaN Systems to share with Taiwanese high tech companies Canada's commitment and opportunities in building upon its world-class research and manufacturing capabilities and developing new value chains to meet the shift to zero-emission vehicles.

【13:00-15:00 Soft Power & Innovation Forum】

The forum invites well-known international innovation institutions, venture capital, and corporate representatives to discuss the importance of innovation thoughts and trends.

The topic includes the startup ecosystem trend, creation of startup unicorns, sports innovation, smart medical, etc. Providing international insights for domestic entrepreneurs and ICT professionals to assist startups to find the direction and strategy for scaling and innovating.

【15:30-17:30 Taiwan Startup New Age - What's New for the Next Decade?】

AI, autonomous vehicles and semiconductor innovations are leading the next paradigm shift. How can Taiwanese startups thrive from the emerging market trends and scale up the business? Join "Taiwan Startup New Age Forum" to connect with the right people and for the resources.




【InnoVEX Forum】Ride to the Future: Canada-Taiwan EV Summit


【InnoVEX Forum】Soft Power & Innovation Forum


【InnoVEX Forum】Taiwan Startup New Age - What's New for the Next Decade?


 InnoVEX Team