InnoVEX Center Stage - May 25


2022/05/25 10:00-17:00




TaiNEX 1, 4F, Area L

The InnoVEX Forum is one of the most popular events during InnoVEX, attracting thousands of professionals to participate at the Center Stage every year, attracting thousands of views through online streaming. The InnoVEX Forum invites more than 40 representatives from global startup ecosystem, including domestic and overseas investors, entrepreneur leaders, and the technology industry experts to share and discuss the latest technology topics and innovation trends.

InnoVEX Forum - 5/25 Day 2

【10:00-12:00 Opportunities in Digital Transformation with 5G & AI】

Ushering into the 5G era, digital transformation has become the key to competitive advantage for all industries. As the world's leading wireless technology innovator, Qualcomm launched the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) in 2019 with aim to support Taiwanese startups to develop innovative solutions by using Qualcomm's technologies and has incubated 29 outstanding startup teams. At InnoVEX 2022, six QITC shortlisted teams will share their advanced solutions based on 5G and AI, demonstrating the unlimited possibilities of global digital transformation driven by innovation.

【13:30-17:30 D talk+ Unlocking Innovation Through Startup Engagement】

With global digital transformation accelerating and breakthroughs in a wide range of tech developments – such as those for 5G, AI, cloud/edge computing, metaverse/virtual-physical integration, self-driving cars/electric vehicles – companies around the world are paying much closer attention to and investing more resources in collaborations with startups that promise creativity and innovative ideas. This is driving corporate startup engagement (CSE). Its aim is not only to introduce new momentum into established companies' digital transformation, but also to jointly build a better world.

Let's explore how established companies and startups can work together to create a more creative and promising environment!
And let's witness the vision of a better world co-created by startups and established companies.




【InnoVEX Forum】Opportunities in Digital Transformation with 5G & AI


【InnoVEX Forum】D talk+ Unlocking Innovation Through Startup Engagement


 InnoVEX Team