InnoVEX Center Stage - May 26


2022/05/26 10:00-17:30




TaiNEX 1, 4F, Area L

The InnoVEX Forum is one of the most popular events during InnoVEX, attracting thousands of professionals to participate at the Center Stage every year, attracting thousands of views through online streaming. The InnoVEX Forum invites more than 40 representatives from global startup ecosystem, including domestic and overseas investors, entrepreneur leaders, and the technology industry experts to share and discuss the latest technology topics and innovation trends.

InnoVEX Forum - 5/26 Day 3

【10:00-12:00 The Opportunities and Challenges of Zero-Trust Security】

With the digital transformation, the number of cyber threats facing businesses growing by the day. Investors are also becoming more tuned in to the impact cybercrime can have on businesses, and are making it central to ESG analysis they carry out of a company’s sustainability. In this forum, 5 information security companies are going to share the cyber threats and opportunities in Taiwan and providing an introduction to their solutions.

【13:00-15:00 The 11th India-Taiwan Cooperation Forum: Attaining Climate Neutrality through Green Energy & Tech】

The India Taiwan Cooperation Forum (ITCF) in an annual bilateral forum to share updates, ideas and opportunities for collaboration between India and Taiwan. Now in its 11th edition, the forum will explore the crucial topic of green energy and technology. As climate neutrality becomes a goal pursued by governments and private organizations alike, the time is ripe for Taiwan and India to initiate dialogue on this topic.

【15:30-17:30 Bridging ESG and digital transformation - Initiate the 'beyond E' generation】

SUNRISEMEDIUM has long been committed to cross-industry collaboration between influential leaders and potential talents since its establishment. This forum encourages the tech players to reposition Taiwan, as the country is the key hub in the global supply chain of innovation industry. It is a significant time for Taiwan to progress from the first mile to the second mile, from "Environmental Sustainability" to " 'Beyond E' generation". Taiwan is ready to make a greater impact on Society (S) and Governance (G) to accelerate ESG transition.




【InnoVEX Forum】The Opportunities and Challenges of Zero-Trust Security


【InnoVEX Forum】The 11th India-Taiwan Cooperation Forum: Attaining Climate Neutrality through Green Energy & Tech


【InnoVEX Forum】Bridging ESG and digital transformation - Initiate the 'beyond E' generation


 InnoVEX Team