General Info
 Company Name Marson Technology Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 1990
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI More than 10 times
 Category Smart Retail & Business Solution, Cyber Security & Video Surveillance,Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions,Mobile Device Accessories,Mobility & Transportation,Other Applications,Smart Manufacturing,Smart Retail & Business Solution,System Integration,Systems & Solutions,Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

Marson Technology is established in 1990, based in Taiwan. Is Taiwan's first manufacturer of barcode-related equipment, and also has the advantages of high quality and continuous innovation of MIT products; with consistent R&D development and quality improvement. We also provide OEM / ODM custom services with high-quality and environment-friendly products for customers.

Marson has 32 years of experience in barcode scanning solutions and is able to provide professional advice and timely support. In the field of automatic identification (Auto-ID) and data collection industry; we have the technology of independent research and development and manufacturing of products, As the OEM/ODM partner of many well-known manufacturers in the world, it is marketed all over the world with its own brand "MARSON".

MARSON is Your Best Partner of AIDC Solution.