General Info
 Founding Year Since 1986
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 6 times
 Category 5G Communication & Networking, 5G Communication & Networking
Company Info

Founded on June 17, 1986, ATW (TWSE: 8097) is a company with a share capital of NT$452 million. Specialized in the processing, manufacturing and marketing of electronic communication and network products, including routers, gateways, modems and network cards.

I. Product Design Excellence
Our company retains an experienced and innovative design team encompassing hardware and software development capabilities.
The team’s efficacy shortens product time to market, even with highly customized products,therefore providing a competitive edge and enhances traction with customers.
Rigorous Quality Control
Our company has extensive product experience in communications segment and as principle delivers consistent quality products.
All phases from in-house design, key component selection and scrutiny, functional/endurance/production tests, to product assembly, packaging, logistics operations go through rigorous control process to ensure product meets the expectations of even the most demanding of