General Info
 Company Name ThroughTek Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2008
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 7 times
 Category Storage & Cloud Applications, 5G Communication & Networking, AI & Robotics, Cyber Security & Video Surveillance, Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions, Intelligent Agriculture, Smart Building & Home, Smart Retail & Business Solution, Storage & Cloud Applications, System Integration, Systems & Solutions
Company Info

TUTK is an IoT PaaS provider. Its core P2P technology for video streaming speeds up connection speed to <1s, increase connection success rate to almost 100%, reduces streaming latency to <300ms and AV sync error to <50ms, and minimizes server bandwidth usage.

TUTK’s platform also includes modular solutions for video cloud recording, web-based video management system, IoT & video mobile apps, account & device management, push notification, data management, OTA and billing server hosting.

TUTK has extensive customization experience, compatibility with 250+ chipsets, APIs for 3rd party applications, SDKs, the combination of which helps customers rapidly develop new products and services.

TUTK is GDPR-compliant, ISO 27001-certified, and implements industry-standard plus proprietary authentication and encryption designs in its solutions. TUTK hosts and manages a global server network which ensures stable and optimized services for the 82+ million connected devices.