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 Company Name Lydsec Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2012
 Membership TCA Member
 Category Cyber Security & Video Surveillance, 5G Communication & Networking, Cyber Security & Video Surveillance, Gaming & XR, Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions, Smart Building & Home, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail & Business Solution, System Integration, Systems & Solutions, Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

Lydsec Digital Technology and a Swedish team with 30 years of experience in network identity authentication software and hardware development have jointly developed an innovative software-only network identity authentication technology-Keypasco multi-factor authentication service. A total solution for Internet content providers (ICPs) and service providers a convenient, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective software. It is successfully used in banking, third-party payment companies, smart building, E-commerce, online gaming companies, and health-care industries. In recent years we also introduced Multi-Peer VPN, program weakness scanning, and program quality control tools as well as biometrics like facial/voice recognition, providing a complete solution from endpoint authentication, protection, and programs security to meet the needs of customer identification and data leakage prevention.