General Info
 Company Name Asiatic Fiber Corporation
 Founding Year Since 1994
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 3 times
 Category Wearable & Healthcare, Other Applications,Smart Manufacturing,Smart Retail & Business Solution,Touch Applications & Display Products,Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

Being the leading manufacturer of functional and smart textiles in Taiwan, Asiatic Fiber Corporation has obtained 32 domestic and international patents, and its products are sold in 62 countries worldwide.With a solid foundation of producing cleanroom and conductive fabrics, the company started investing in developing smart clothing in 2015, launching a new in-house brand, iQmax® that broke out of the typical apparel mold. The brand uses various innovative fibers combined with wearable devices to turn fibers and fabrics into smart textiles, which has applications in industry, protective gear, medical use, and healthcare.