General Info
 Company Name Openfind Information Technology, Inc.
 Founding Year Since 1998
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2 times
 Best Choice Award 2022
 Category Cyber Security & Video Surveillance, Cyber Security & Video Surveillance,Storage & Cloud Applications,Systems & Solutions
Company Info

Openfind , one of the biggest provider of mail and sercurity services, offer integrated products and services including email, instant messaging, email security, email archive and file sharing and collaboration. We’ve rounded out a complete end-to-end set of solutions for enterprises and taken first place by market share in Taiwan and Japan. Openfind's superior products for business application enable and create the most value for customers by the reliable, flexible and manageable services.

There are more than half of the institutes of public sector in Taiwan adopt our solutions as we are the best and most solid independent software vendor. We help fulfill the IT and security requirements and make sure all the mailboxes and internal information are secured. In Japan, One of our partners launched an enterprise cloud service suite and now has more than 100,000 active mailboxes and about 55,000 of them subscribe to our premium services.