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 Company Name 3J IOT Technology Co. Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2016
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2 times
 Category Smart Retail & Business Solution, Smart Retail & Business Solution, Systems & Solutions
Company Info

“Wireless transmission” is the core technology of 3J IoT. With more than 15 years experiences, our engineers are very good at on Zigbee, LoRa, Simple Link Sub-1G, Sigfox, 3G/4G and NBIoT transmission.
The front end RTU (Remote terminal unit) sensors or devices, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors pm2.5 pollution sensors and other weather station sensors, or power meters, water meters and gas meters, or the smart street lighting controllers, adopting our wireless technology, the data collected from them are easily forwarded to the back end data server and application server for analysis.