General Info
 Company Name Darkflash Infotech Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2018
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 3 times
 Category Component & Advanced Power Tech, Component & Advanced Power Tech,Consumer Electronic Accessories,Gaming & XR
Company Info

As an enthusiast of games and computer DIY in this age, we feel proud and grateful for keep thinking how to develop impressive and extraordinary products with high-end facilities by assembling and using the PC cases, CPU coolers, case fans, and even gaming chairs and tables in person. Our goal is to create products that could extremely exert their effect on every user.

DarkFlash, the brand is generated in this age, was founded in Taiwan and now with offices in Guangzhou, U.S.A., and Korea. Therefore, we have the advantage of designing by Taiwan, supervising by Korea, and manufacturing by China. DarkFlash has been constantly devoted to designing and manufacturing suitable components of computer hardware, and not only challenging but exceeding itself in style and detail. We believe that no matter how long it lasts, we could achieve the legend by holding the very beginning faith. Let us FLY TO UNLIMITED!