General Info
 Company Name Wentai Technology Corporation
 Founding Year Since 1983
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 1 time
 Category Consumer Electronic Accessories, Consumer Electronic Accessories, Gaming & XR, Other Applications, Smart Building & Home
Company Info

Wentai Technology Corp. is an ODM/OEM manufacturer providing leading technology of ATX power supply. Wentai's 80 PLUS Titanium power supply unit is a fully-modular and real digital power with close to 95 percent efficiency. The Aidan series ATX power supply targets consumer computing markets requiring ultra-high power such as PC gaming, E-sports, and cryptocurrency mining.

Wentai is headquartered in Taiwan, with branches and factories in Shenzhen and Suzhou of China, and Taiwan. With a well-established quality management system according to ISO 9001 and IATF16949, and environmental standard of ISO 14001 and RoHS, Wentai ensure to provide customers reliable and affordable services.

Except the ATX power supply ODM service, Wentai Technology offers the design and manufacturing services of LED drivers, Industrial and Commercial LED lighting fixture, as well as custom PCB Assembly service.

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