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 Company Name AbonMax Co., LTD
 Founding Year Since 1978
 Membership TCA Member
 Category Touch Applications & Display Products, Gaming & XR, Touch Applications & Display Products
Company Info

AbonMax Group is the leading photoelectric display industry integration group in the world. It owns AbonMax , GeneTouch and AbonTouch. Their respective divisions of labor have achieved industrial series integration, design and development, manufacturing and assembly, and customer service to improve efficiency and Strengthen the competitive advantage.

AbonMax Technology's main display panel original factory agents include AUO, Innolux, LGD, Tianma, Huike and Huaxing Optoelectronics, photoelectrochemical strengthened glass business and various production line foundries.

GeneTouch Technology focuses on the integration of large-size LCD panels and various touch technologies, providing ODM customized interactive touch displays, outdoor touch displays, industrial displays... etc. and OEM services to assist customers from pasting One-stop service for assembly, assembly, testing and packaging.

AbonTouch Optoelectronics is committed to photoelectric technology research and development, mater