General Info
 Company Name AbonMax Co., LTD
 Founding Year Since 1978
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2 times
 Category Touch Applications & Display Products, Consumer Electronic Accessories,Gaming & XR,Touch Applications & Display Products
Company Info

AbonMax is the leading photoelectric display integration company in Taiwan. It owns the touch panel factory AbonTouch. Through vertical integration, it achieves industrial connection, design and development, manufacturing and assembly, and customer service in three stages to improve efficiency and strengthen competitive advantages.

AbonMax was established in 1976 and was officially listed on stock code 2429 in 1999. Its main display panel original agents include AUO, Innolux, LGD, Huike, Tianma and Huaxing Optoelectronics, photoelectrochemical strengthened glass business, electrical OEM for production lines of controlled motors and various electronic products.

AbonTouch is committed to photoelectric touch technology research and development, material application management and touch panel manufacturing. AbonTouch leads the world’s first 86” super-large ITO touch panel. The main products are full-planar resistive touch panels and 5-wire resistive touch panels. Panels, combined with th