General Info
 Company Name FaceHeart Corp.
 Founding Year Since 2018
 Category Systems & Solutions, AI & Robotics,Epidemic Prevention Technology,Smart Building & Home,Systems & Solutions,Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

FaceHeart was founded in 2018 with the AI technology developed at National Chiao Tung University. The company name FaceHeart is from its core technology, contactless vital signal measurement. It uses a camera to detect people’s face, from the video image and algorithm computing to get people’s heart rate, heart rate variability and blood pressure contactless. From your face to your heart, this is the idea of the company name. FaceHeart is started with the Angel fund from the Ministry of Science Technology Taiwan and has received the A round investment from the worldwide famous IC design company in Taiwan.
FaceHeart Inc. is an AI company that integrates artificial intelligence, deep learning and physiological information measurement. FaceHeart’s technology can be leveraged in several industrial fields, Smart Healthcare, Smart Home, Smart Fintech and Security.