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 Founding Year Since 2018
 Category AI & Robotics, AI & Robotics,Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions,Smart Manufacturing
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Memorence AI is an artificial intelligence company. Our vision is to create a brain-like AI learning system with capability to learn human knowledge effectively and efficiently for non-technical people who want to build AI applications. We develop AI learning technologies not only from computational perspectives but also with inspiration from the human brain. We start from manual inspection because even today manual inspection is similar to 100 years ago. The problems such as inconsistent quality, time inefficiency, and knowledge loss are not well solved. The root causes include complexity in data acquisition, lack of industry optimal AI models, and no standards across industries. We aim to revolutionize manual inspection with AI as a starting point. Our solution is AI inspection-as-a-service, including optimal devices for data acquisition, application-specific learnable models, easy-to-use user interface and flexible deployment. We create each industry-specific AI and device.