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 Company Name Mindtronic AI Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2017
 Category Mobility & Transportation, AI & Robotics,Mobility & Transportation,Systems & Solutions
Company Info

Mindtronic AI is an innovative solution provider of edge A.I. specialized in automotive industry. With own developed deep learning framework, BCNN, we successfully train and deploy the automotive grade & lightweight A.I. modules into vehicles. Not only the A.I. algorithm, we also bring compelling advantages to integrate it with optimized hardware and software platform to help car OEMs realizing product intelligence in reliable and economical way.
Our products include 1) A.I. cockpit domain solutions, 2) Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS) solutions, 3) HMI sensing fusion solutions and 4) Cloud service.
We aim on joyful and safe driving!