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 Company Name Datiphy Inc.
 Founding Year Since 2015
 Category Cyber Security & Video Surveillance, 5G Communication & Networking,AI & Robotics,Cyber Security & Video Surveillance,Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions,Mobility & Transportation,Smart Building & Home,Smart Manufacturing,Smart Retail & Business Solution,Storage & Cloud Applications,Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

As a data security company, Datiphy provides comprehensive data auditing, analytics, and security solutions to safeguard data throughout its life cycle, and facilitate operational efficiency to achieve business intelligence.
Datiphy’s highly scalable solution consists of Smart Agents and Data Management Center that can be deployed on premises, VM, or in cloud to deliver in-depth activity monitoring of databases. The Data Management Center (DMC) is an intelligent computing and fast analytical data platform that utilizes machine learning technology and data-centric auditing and protection (DCAP) capabilities for fast data analytics and risk mitigation. Datiphy solutions can naturally integrate with 3rd party platforms for further data consolidation and analytics.
Datiphy is dedicated to the continued innovation of smart data analytics and security technologies to protect customers’ valuable digital assets and prevent data breach.