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 Company Name Acer ITS Inc.
 Founding Year Since 2017
 Membership TCA Member
 Category System Integration, Mobility & Transportation,Other Applications,System Integration,Systems & Solutions
Company Info

Acer ITS Incorporated is the largest Bus AFC supplier in Taiwan and is fully capable of serving a complete e-Ticketing service platform, whose products are applied to the operating environment of public transportation, including buses, rails, taxis, and rehabilitation buses. In recent years, Acer ITS has integrated e-ticketing, multi-card applications, license plate recognition, image recognition, cloud service, and a mobile parking app, PKLOT, to form an intelligent parking cloud service that aims in providing services for private transport market such as on-street parking and off-street parking. These services will help car owners/parking lot operators/ local governments to form an intelligent, cloud-based, and efficient smart parking eco-system, bringing more contributions to society. Acer ITS products include:

A. e-Ticketing Validator
Used in buses, taxis, exhibition venues, and the LRT, The e-Ticketing Validator accepts the smartcards from four different smartcard companies. All