General Info
 Company Name eKoPro Solutions Inc.
 Founding Year Since 2015
 Category Systems & Solutions, AI & Robotics, Component & Advanced Power Tech, Intelligent Agriculture, Other Applications, Storage & Cloud Applications, System Integration, Systems & Solutions
Company Info

Combines IoT technology with AI, open data, big data, experts’ knowledge and high-quality user experience to develop professional solutions and services of smart energy IoT and smart environment control.

●In 2017, environmental monitoring system was released in MACNA exhibition in USA and awarded Best Product of Show.
●In 2018, we are the first NB-IoT smart outdoor aquaculture solution provider in Taiwan.
●In 2019, we started to cooperate with academies to develop AIoT Smart Aquaculture.
●In 2019, we were selected as one of the top 30 growth startup companies in Taiwan.
●In 2020, we moved in Linkou AWS Joint Innovation Center Startup Terrace.
●In 2021, we developed mini power sensor. We expect to play an important role in Energy Management field and Smart Environment Control field in 2022.