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 Company Name InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 2017
 Category Systems & Solutions, Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions, Other Applications, Smart Building & Home, Smart Manufacturing, Storage & Cloud Applications, System Integration, Systems & Solutions
Company Info

We provide one-stop-sevice with our InSynerger AIoT Platform by conducting over 500 network connection device and over 15 solutions combined with high performance on cloud application platform, and conduct data analysis to assist our customer to save energy and progress the efficiency and product in factory intellectualization.
InSynerger wins over 20 prizes in domestic and abroad, and introduce our service to over 500 fields in global. We are the first team who wins R&D100 with our software and solutions. We are the certificated company of automation service organizations and the energy of artificial intelligence technology service organizations as well as the cooperation partner of Intel MRS Program and Microsoft AI 100.