General Info
 Company Name Ares International Corp.
 Founding Year Since 1980
 Membership TCA Member
 Category Systems & Solutions, Cyber Security & Video Surveillance,Epidemic Prevention Technology,Smart Manufacturing,Systems & Solutions
Company Info

Ares is dedicated to IT services for over 40 years, being the first Taiwan-based software company at stock exchange. Not only is a vendor of Oracle and Fortify, Ares is recognized by financial institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises, gains reputation for its outstanding software technologies and abundant experiences. In 2021, Ares is awarded ISO27001:2013 certification. More, Ares ciMes and eAresBank have been acknowledged by Gartner many times and ciMes has received award of 2018 Taiwan Excellence. Ares was honored to become a Taiwan Mittelstand Award winner in 2013.