General Info
 Company Name BiDaE Technology, Incorporated
 Founding Year Since 2020
 Category Systems & Solutions, Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions, Other Applications, Smart Building & Home, Smart Manufacturing, Systems & Solutions, Wearable & Healthcare
Company Info

BiDaE Technology Inc. is a startup company established in July 2020 in Taiwan with the goal to be a leader in the vast indoor positioning and indoor navigation and real-time indoor location-based service markets. The current products include BiDaE Object Tracker and Seeing-I-Go navigation. BiDaE Object Tracker (BOT) is a system of software tools for locating and tracking objects (including medical devices, patients/residents, contractors and visitors). Seeing-I-Go is an anywhere navigation application on smartphones designed to guide users seamlessly through large buildings. BOT has been deployed in hospitals and a nursing home, including National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) Taipei, Yunlin branch, Zhudong branch and Yunlin Veteran Home, Taiwan. The Seeing-I-Go navigation is used in NTUH-Yunlin branch to support indoor navigation in the outpatient area and will be deployed in a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, USA. BiDaE received Smart Taipei 2020 Excellence Award.