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 Company Name K.S. TERMINALS INC.
 Founding Year Since 1987
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 1 time
 Category Mobility & Transportation, Mobility & Transportation
Company Info

K.S. Terminals Inc. is a global manufacturer of high-quality electrical terminals, automotive connectors, battery modular connectors (BMC) and EV Charging Connectors. KST was first established in Changhua, Taiwan in 1973 and has become known for its excellence in connector solutions. It has achieved this by leveraging its expertise in precision mold design, cold press stamping, and injection molding – our core technologies.

In 2002, KST went public on the Taiwan stock market. This milestone is a testament to KST’s enduring commitment to quality, research & development, and sustainability. Currently, KST operates two factories in Taiwan and one in Suzhou, China.
KST EV Charging Connectors
For the past 50 years, KST has literally stamped
its reputation as a leading global manufactur-
er of electrical terminals and automotive
connectors. In 2012, leveraging decades of
stamping and injection mold experience ,
KST expanded its portfolio to include EV Charging Connectors.