General Info
 Company Name GeIL-Golden Emperor International Ltd.
 Founding Year Since 1993
 Membership TCA Member
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI More than 10 times
 Category Component & Advanced Power Tech, Component & Advanced Power Tech, Consumer Electronic Accessories, Gaming & XR, Smart Building & Home
Company Info

GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world's leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers, concentrates on making the most innovative products, from memory modules to gaming peripherals for PC enthusiasts worldwide.
Established in 1993, GeIL has soon become one of the most trusted memory professionals in the industry. In the year 2000, with the vast knowledge of tweaking and producing some of the world's fastest DRAM modules, GeIL shook the PC enthusiast market and changed it for the better. The introduction of the first-ever memory heat-spreader, the dual-channel packaged memory kit, and the lifetime warranty are all innovative concepts that GeIL introduced in the PC DIY market. GeIL has focused on perfecting the technologies of IC testing, memory burn-in, and quality assurance for memory products across all segments of the market. GeIL memory is now trusted and distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.