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100W PD USB-C Super Charger

 Publish Date :2020/06/24
Photo: 100W 4-Port PD USB-C™ Super Charger

Provides an enormous 100W pool of charging power:
o2-port USB-C™ power delivery & 2-port USB™ Type-A Quick ChargeTM

When charging 2 laptops it automatically balances up to 60W of output:
o1 USB-CTM power delivery port provides up to 100W of output
oWhen using 4 ports simultaneously, the USB-CTM port provides up to 60W and the USBTM Type-A port provides up to 18W QCTM 3.0

Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, consoles and notebooks

URL:100W 4-Port PD USB-C™ Super Charger