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AEWIN Trusted Secure Boot – OT006

 Publish Date :2021/06/15
Photo: AEWIN Trusted Secure Boot – OT006

AEWIN Launches the OT006 family of Trusted Secure Boot Module for increased firmware resilience to guard against tampering and data corruption. This is part of AEWIN’s push for a hardware system root of trust for our network and edge computing systems. We have leveraged our experiences from specialized sectors where tamper resistance and firmware hardening are required.

OT006 is a self-contained module and isolated from rest of the system to reduce possible attack surfaces. The on-board logics identify and authenticate firmware digital signatures inside the system. The actions after detection of the anomaly are programmable. The default is sound the buzzer alarm and hold the boot up sequence, then requiring user interaction to correct the firmware and continue the boot process. The module can be programmed to provide automated firmware recovery if desired.

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