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OT008 Hybrid Network Cryptography Accelerator Card

 Publish Date :2021/06/21
Photo: OT008 Hybrid Network Cryptography Accelerator Card

To enhance data security, AEWIN launches OT008 crypto accelerator that provides Intel QuickAssist Technology to secure data transport and protection across server, storage, network, and VM migration. OT008 can accelerate important wireless hashing and ciphering algorithms such as AES, Snow 3G, and ZUC utilized in 5G networks.

As the enterprises and organizations across the globe study more economically feasible ways to construct their own private 5G networks, there is a growing need for off the shelf hardware to provide the critical cryptographic acceleration to reduce the overall hardware expenditure, and free up the costly CPU for other tasks. AEWIN’s OT008 is designed to excel at this application, with on-board cryptographic engine as well as 4x 10Gbps SFP+ ethernet connections. This all-in-one package provides the security and additional networking ports.

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