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AEWIN’s UniSafety Edge AI Solution

 Publish Date :2021/06/21
Photo: AEWIN’s UniSafety Edge AI Solution

To prevent various accidents during the manufacturing process, AEWIN cooperates with UNISEM’s IoT Division to provide UniSafety, an AI-based computer vision solution. This is a Smart Factory solution that uses Deep Learning-based computer vision technology to provide a safe work environment, prevent potential accident, and reduce serious injuries.
UniSafety is based on video analytics technology enhanced with deep learning that allows detection of various dangerous situations, such as fire, falling materials, abnormal process, crush injury danger, non-wearing of safety equipment, intrusion, etc., that can occur during the production process. In the case of an accident or unusual situation, the system informs the safety supervisors via web-dashboard notification, text message, and loudspeaker. It also offers motion detection for detecting unauthorized access or intrusions. This can allow a more open working space without using barriers to keep out intruders.

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