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Cincoze GM-1000's New Quadro MXM GPU Modules Satisfy Stringent Machine Vision Performance Requiremen

 Publish Date :2021/08/30
Photo: GM-1000's New Quadro MXM GPU Modules

GM-1000—The First Choice For Machine Vision Manufacturers
The GM-1000—part of the Cincoze GOLD series—is positioned as a high-performance machine vision system featuring high computing performance, high-speed I/O, and industrial-grade reliability. It is the preferred choice for machine vision system integrators and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) manufacturers.
The GM-1000's unique carrier board can be matched with a selection of Cincoze MXM GPU modules, including the MXM-RTX3000, MXM-T1000, MXM-P2000, and MXM-E9174, providing a precise match for different computing requirements.
Upgrade flexibility has always been a proud advantage of Cincoze. The GM-1000 only needs a carrier board and MXM GPU module replacement to facilitate future performance upgrades without replacing the computer host.

Computational Prowess While Saving Power
The new Quadro® MXM GPU modules, the MXM-RTX3000 and MXM-T1000, use the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® Turing™ GPU architecture based on the latest 12nm process.

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