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Cincoze DS-1300 Provides a Protective Net for the Post-Pandemic Era

 Publish Date :2021/09/20
Photo: Cincoze DS-1300 Provides a Protective Net

The DS-1300 serves the dual functions of intelligent thermal gate warning system and intelligent AMR, demonstrating the key role of the DS-1300 in epidemic prevention in the post-pandemic era.

Intelligent Thermal Gate Warning System — high speed image processing and rich I/O required
The DS-1300 supports a 10th generation Intel® Xeon® or Core™ processor, providing up to 10 cores with a maximum of 80W of power. This generation offers a 31% performance increase over the previous generation, and combined with up to 64GB of DDR4 SO-DIMMs, it can effortlessly control multiple devices. The DS-1300 can also support a PCIe GPU card of up to 110W, further increasing image processing power.

Intelligent Disinfection AMR — Performance, Connectivity, and Ruggedness
The control core of the AMR requires a robust industrial computer, and the specifications of the DS-1300 fit the bill.

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