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Cincoze DS-1300 — Making Manufacturing “Smart”

 Publish Date :2021/09/27
Photo: Cincoze DS-1300 — Making Manufacturing “Smart”

The Cincoze DS-1300, which includes the high performance, multiple expansion options, rich I/O, and other features necessary for these applications, can quickly connect to peripheral sensors and devices, and through data integration and analysis, becomes the central smart hub for edge computing critical for the migration to Industry 4.0.

Field-side data collection for positioning, identification, sorting, measurement, or production data, and integration in the production process requires uncompromising computing power. The DS-1300 supports a 10th generation Intel® Xeon® or Core™ CPU, up to 10 cores, and up to 80W. This presents a 31% performance increase over the previous generation, resulting in faster and more efficient processing of various instructions and data. Further capabilities are possible with up to two PCIe expansion card slots. These slots support either a single GPU expansion card (up to 110W) or up to two cards such as image capture cards, motion control cards and more.

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Company Name: Cincoze Co., Ltd.