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MyelinTek One-stop AI Platform

 Publish Date :2022/05/20
Photo: MyelinTek One-stop AI Platform

MyelinTek provides one-stop AI platform for IT engineers, AI developers, and inferencing operators.
Hardware management and AI development are integrated within 1 screen. Saving your time and maximizing resource utilization.

1. Hardware Management
Hardware resources integration, cluster the dataset storage systems, GPU computing systems, and management servers to perform a data center-level cluster. Let IT or MIS monitor, allocate, and manage all hardware resources to maximize their utilization. Briefly speaking, it makes the company perform the highest efficiency for every penny spent on hardware.

2. Softare Integration
Integrate the tools required for model development, such as data cleaning templates, labeling tools, development environments (such as JupyterLab for hyperparameter adjustment), model templates (such as YOLO, Cifar), so that model developers can immediately work on AI model training. On the GPU, we support NVIDIA CUDA and MIG functions, as well as AMD ROCM.

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