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PHiStek T320 Series Clinic Medical Check-in Kiosk

 Publish Date :2022/06/01
Photo: T320 installed in a clinic

The T320 series clinic medical check-in kiosk had being deploy in various hospitals in Taiwan. These kiosks are designed by PHiStek with the cooperation of local system integrator according to the customized requirements from the hospital. There are more than 4000 clinic medical check-in kiosks installed in local hospitals for these years which were made by PHiStek.

In order to improve the quality of outpatient services, the five-stars maternity and children's hospital has recently adopted the T320 clinic medical check-in kiosk from PHiStek to optimize the outpatient service flow.

While the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread, PHiStek is offering a full range of smart KIOSK platforms to integrate various peripheral devices such as scanner, RFID, printer, camera….etc.

Welcome to be our partners, let’s work out more solutions in Medical/Healthcare applications!

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