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Inventec previews its VRSTATE metaverse platform COMPUTEX Taipei 2023 debut

 Publish Date :2023/05/24
Photo: Inventec previews its VRSTATE metaverse platform

Taipei, April 28, 2023 – Inventec Corporation (2356), a major manufacturer of notebook computers and servers, plans participation in COMPUTEX Taipei 2023, set to open on May 30th this year, with the VRSTATE metaverse platform.

Inventec has a long-term investment in the research and application of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, 5G private networks, and the metaverse. The company's current research in the metaverse is focused on the latest technologies: AI generated content, digital twins, virtual physical fusions, and augmented reality. Inventec's VRSTATE is designed on the foundation of the “Virtual Physical Realm” (VPR) project developed in 2005 and follows the vision of "introducing the virtual with the real, and bringing the real with the virtual." The platform integrates digital economy spaces, digital content creation, AI model training, and digital security governance, among other innovative applications.

At COMPUTEX Taipei 202

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Company Name: Inventec Corporation