Inventec previews its VRSTATE metaverse platform

 Publish Date :2023/05/24
Photo: Inventec previews its VRSTATE metaverse platform

Inventec previews the VRSTATE Expo, VRSTATE Hall, VRSTATE Innovation, among other original metaverse applications, and exhibits the latest safety, connectivity, and computing products from Inventec Automotive Electronics including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Central Gateway, and e-Cockpit system.

Inventec aims to launch the Incubation Metaverse, Education Metaverse, Arts & Culture Metaverse, Industrial Metaverse, Entertainment Metaverse, and much more. Inventec plans to promote the new business model of the metaverse industry chain and ecosystem by gathering companies, the government, academia, and research organizations. To achieve this goal, Inventec will offer metaverse space and zones, where businesses are welcome to settle in and jointly create a digital economic circle platform to collaboratively achieve financial success.

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Company Name: Inventec Corporation