Flexible, and Localized, Jabez Info is looking forward to being the companion of small enterprises with Intelligence solution.

 Publish Date :2020/05/27
JabezInfo is looking forward to providing small enterprises with an economical Intelligence solution.

Founded In 2005, Jabez Information Inc.(JabezInfo) emerged as a provider of software services. The major business includes development platform initiated, software architecture, software simulator, specific technology survey, test planning, and training courses. JabezInfo has many years of experience in embedded system. The recently launched IFP (Intelligent Fusion Platform) firmware come up with essential functions for most embedded system and features "real-time" and "rapid customization". JabezInfo is looking forward to providing small enterprises with an economical Intelligence solution.

Conform to the progress of technology and business, the recent research and development of JabezInfo has locked related applications based on AOA (Android Open Accessory). The main businesses are as follows: IFP firmware licensing, IFP customized services, IOT related firmware development (Base on ARM Cortex-M series), Linux Device Driver Development, Embedded system training course, and Technicial adviser.

JabezInfo stated that along the track of machinery, electricity and automation, the world is about to move towards the fourth industrial revolution. It was limited to the automation of replacing "labor" in the past. As AI (Artificial Intelligence) matures, with the help of deep learning, various types of repetitive, periodic, and even professional works will be replaced by "smart devices". 

IFP is an economical solution for target devices or applications to achieve intelligence upgrade. In generic practice, IFP is only one part of a complete solution. Its main feature is the ability to integrate Android-Powered devices and target hardware to achieve intelligent needs in a fast way. Therefore, JabezInfo will actively seek the cooperation of domestic players and look forward to introducing the "innovation and intelligence" factor into all walks of life to accelerate the industry's intellectualization.

JabezInfo pointed out that in the "AI Taiwan Action Plan" promoted by Taiwan government, "Common Industry Standards and Design Framework" is one of the key promotion projects, and API open formats in various fields will be established one after another. IFP firmware can run on various chips of the ARM-Cortex-M series, and can be connected to Android devices via USB. IFP can handle a variety of industrial communication interfaces in real-time, such as CAN, RS485, RS422, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, ADC, etc. As for the friendly operation interface, settings, and even network connection, the Android device at the other end of the USB interface provides it. IFP will be able to assist terminal devices to meet communication requirements, accelerate Intelligence upgrade, and promote the application to become part of the AI ecosystem.

The design of IFP can be regarded as an intelligent upgraded version of the traditional IOT device. In addition to integrating the Android system through the USB interface, this firmware also provides: terminal interface, firmware update, log, offline proxy, security (v1.5), and real-time (hard real-time) services. In practice, IFP can centrally integrate the terminal hardware in operation, but it can also completely replace it, depending on the characteristics of each platform.

Looking at small-scale commercial, industrial, agricultural, and fishery industries, there are still many labor-based operations. The intelligent upgraded is urgently needed to catch up with the trend of AI automation. JabezInfo is looking forward to the launch of IFP products, which can provide an economical solution for customized intelligent upgrades in vertical fields, specific applications, or single cases.

Jabez Information Inc. focuses on software research and development, and takes "linking to the domestic" as an important strategy. JabezInfo will continue to improve the quality of software and the breadth of application, and continue to enhance IFP firmware products in the future.