5G Carries the Need for Fiber Optical, Ficer Technology is Ready!

 Publish Date :2020/05/27
Ficer will always exist as long as people are surfing the internet.

In light of the rapid development of the Internet and growing data volume, the data transmission created huge business opportunities. Founded in 2005, Ficer Technology devoted itself to developing fiber optical products such as fiber optical transceiver modules, fiber optical patch-cord/cable, optical passive components, optical transmission equipment and media converters. Since 2014, Ficer’s annual revenue breakthrough one hundred million NTD and keep growing every year. As the construction of 5G network accelerates, Ficer is all set at the starting line, aiming to take advantage of the next tide and hit the new peak.

“There are 23 million citizens in Taiwan. If everyone posts a 2MB-picture on Facebook every day, how much data would that be? It shows solid proof that this is an industry with great potential.” Mr. Tso-Ming Yeh, the general manager of Ficer with 20 years of experience in the industry, stated that the massive amount and distance of optical transmission is an indispensable element in the digital age. With its all-out effort in the fiber optical products and optimization of customer support and service, Ficer is expected to contribute its effort in the intellectualization of the world.

Unlike consumer products such as cell phones and notebook computers that can advertise on their 4K/ 8K screens, CPU speed or even its design, the design of optical transceiver modules is required to fit the industry standard to be adopted by major network equipment vendors. Therefore, given the fact that the products from different companies possess similar techniques and looks, the stability, reliability and the service the company offers is the key to win the market.

There are no shortcuts to success. Excellence techniques, complete testing, and professional advice are the three major strengths that make Ficer stand out amidst its competitors. Setting up its own laboratory is the way that Ficer keep ahead in the industry. The laboratory allows Ficer to gather Switches, Routers from different Brand network equipment vendors to run the real fiber transmission and check compatibility to ensure the effectiveness of its products. Mr. Tso-Ming Yeh pointed out that even though all products in the markets have passed some testing and meet the standards of the industry, but nobody is able to say for sure whether these products are compatible with the network equipment from all vendors. In the case of Ficer, we go all the way from offering proposal in early stage of project to completing POC tests. The one-stop service Ficer offers has greatly increased our customer engagement. 

Aside from fostering close collaboration with five major telecom operators in Taiwan, Ficer also remain good relationships with many system integration vendors. These ties allow Ficer to be visible in every stair of the infrastructure of digital and smart services. “The optical transceiver modules that used in different brand equipment, behind it our unique technique plays a crucial role in it.”

Optical transceiver modules will continue to play a vital part in the upcoming 5G era. Mr. Tso-Ming Yeh believes that Mainland China can rely on its massive domestic market to catch up in the optical communication industry as it enhances its quality. However, Taiwanese brands are highly recognized internationally with outstanding services. This is how Taiwanese will win steadily amongst the price war. 

“Optical transceiver modules are rigid demands. Ficer will always exist as long as people are surfing the internet.” Tso-Ming Yeh stated that the Internet is the foundation of all digital services. As 5G develops and the developing countries are actively devoted to their infrastructures, the long-term view for optical transceiver modules is highly optimistic. Ficer has also prepared corresponding products that allow it to stride toward the new markets and the new era.

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